Settings > Business Settings > Waivers [For Admins]

A waiver can be a great way to finalize an agreement between two parties, ending their relationship and/or mitigating future risk. 

Whether a waiver is advantageous or even necessary depends on the unique circumstances of your business and the ways in which it interacts with your customers. 

When you select the checkbox as shown above, the customer will get a pop-up notification at the time of their first booking or reservation to read through their waiver notice and accept it.  

  • Once the waiver has been read and accepted by the user, the pop-up message will no longer appear
  • If the admin update the waiver or change the contents of the waiver, then the end user will get the waiver to read through and accept once again.

The below is an example of how the waiver pop-up with actual content looks like from an end-user's perspective.

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