Integration with Mailchimp

Settings > Business Settings [For Admins]

StudioGrowth allows integration with Mailchimp to enable StudioGrowth's partners take full advantage of the Mailchimp platform.

When you as a studio owner integrate your studio with Mailchimp, your customer contact information  from StudioGrowth (your list of existing customers + any new customers that get added in the future) will be integrated with Mailchimp and you can continue to benefit from Mailchimp's features.

The fields required as shown in the screenshot above can be obtained from your Mailchimp account management page. Here's how.

  • Log in to your Mailchimp account. 
  • Once you are logged into your dashboard, click on your profile icon (usually in the bottom left hand corner)
  • Click on account and billing
    • Click on Extras in the navigation links and choose API keys.
  • Click on Create API key. (The system will now generate API keys for you)
  • Copy the generated API key and paste it in the StudioGrowth/Business settings field (Mailchimp API Key)
  • The next field we need to get from Mailchimp is the Mailchimp Server Prefix.
    • In your Mailchimp accounts page, copy the first portion of your URL. This will be unique to your account. Paste this into the required field in the business settings below the API keys.
  • The next field we need is the Mailchimp Audience ID
    • In your MailChimp dashboard, Click on Audience.
    • Click on All contacts
    • Click on Settings from the links menu and choose 'Audience Name and Defaults'
    • Copy the audience ID (highlighted in green). Note: this will be unique to your Mailchimp.
  • Paste the audience ID into your StudioGrowth Business settings field (Mailchimp Audience ID)
  • Save the three fields.
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