Logging in

How to log in to the application

How you log in to StudioGrowth depends on what type of role you play in the platform.

There are 3 basic roles

  • This is the studio owner or manager who will access the backend found on app.studiogrowth.com
  • This is where your customer database resides (isolated from other customers' data), all the account settings and all the reports
  • The recommendation is to use this portal on desktop, laptop or iPads.
    • Can be used on mobile but not built for mobile usage.
    • clicking on Log In as shown above will take you to the following page.
    • You can now use your admin credentials to log in as an admin user.
  • The staff portal can be found at studioname.studiogrowth.com/staff/login. A staff role type is usually interchangeable with 'instructor'. If the business name is 'ABC Studios', then the staff portal is likely to be abcstudios.studiogrowth.com/staff/login
  • When a new instructor is added to the system from the instructors section in the admin portal, an email with the login and password is sent to that instructor.
  • The instructor needs to login from the staff portal
  • The staff portal is fully mobile optimized and built for use on mobile
  • Staff can also manage their availability from this portal
  • As a staff member, click on staff login and enter your credentials.
  • Once you log in successfully, your dashboard looks similar to the screenshot below. 
    • From this portal staff can: see their schedule, see class attendees, mark attendance, assign passes, add students into classes and also register new customers
Customer Portal
  • Can be found at studioname.studiogrowth.com/login
  • Fully mobile optimised.
  • When a customer registers or is added from the admin portal, the customer receives login details to the customer portal.
  • Once logged in, the customer can track classes, manage and make new appointments, memberships, class packs, payment history etc.
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