Make an appointment

This a customer user journey.

When a customer logs into their studio, they will see their landing page with which they can track, manage their existing bookings and appointments. They can also buy (and cancel) new instances of services from the studio.

When you scroll down, you can select one of the services for which you want to make an appointment for and choose 'Book this service'

the page will refresh to ask the number of people you want to book for and the duration.

Once the duration and number of people are chosen, move on to choose a date and time.

Click on the date and the time squares to make a selection.

Choose the instructor from a list of available options by clicking on the 'Book Appointment' button under the instructor profile. Once done, the page refreshes to the confirmation page.

Note: If the user is making an appointment for the first time, they will get a pop-up message of a 'waiver' that they will have to read and accept. 

Once, the book appointment button is clicked, there is a confirmation presented on screen that the appointment is successfully booked.

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