Reserve and Cancel Policy

    Settings > Business Settings > Reserve and Cancel Policy

    What you set in this portion will dictate your reservation and cancellation policy.

    • How many hours/minutes before the session begins do you want to stop taking reservations?

      Add negative hours/minutes to allow time after class startsIf you enter 1 hour and 0 minutes, then your customers will not be able to make any reservations when the class starts 1 hour or lesser from the current time. The class reservation option will no longer be available for the customer to see and reserve.  Note :  You can enter negative values such as -1 here as well. This enables customers to retrospectively reserve a class. For example: If a customer walks in without reserving and then chooses to reserve. Its a useful feature but best to decide a suitable process for your business.

    • How many hours/minutes before the session begins do you want to prevent members from making a cancellation?
      • Its always a good idea to find a balance for what is best for you as a business and what is good for your customers. Take care to not keep a very low threshold (last minute cancellations) that will not help those in the waiting list as well as you.
      • When a user cancels his/her reservation, the first person in the waitlist order (the longest waiting person) will get bumped into the class. 
    • How many hours/minutes before the class begins do you want to end/close the wait list?
      • A reasonable time threshold set here helps those on the waiting list to have enough time in case there is a cancellation and they get bumped onto a class. Too short a notice may mean that those in the waiting list may not have enough time to change plans.
    • How many days into the future can the customer make a reservation (Default: 30 Days)

    The above are some of the settings you can further fine tune for the optimal business settings for your studio. 

    If you have any questions or require additional clarifications, talk to us via and we'll get you up and running in no time.

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